YODHA: Sidharth Malhotra Movie, Streaming Free Online HD, Budget, Cast Overview

Featuring Sidharth Malhotra “Yodha” movie is all about action and thriller, where a young man’s journey to find his true purpose while learning ancient martial arts. Sidharth Malhotra does an amazing job playing the main character of “Arun Katyal”, who goes from being a regular guy to a powerful warrior with skill and confidence.

The fight scenes in this action movie are super intense and the movie looks amazing, pulling you right into the action and adventure. The actor’s performance also brings out an important role like bravery, determination, and doing what’s right, making this movie enjoyable for everyone.

Storyline of Yodha Movie

In “Yodha,” Sidharth Malhotra plays Arjun, a regular guy who stumbles upon a world of ancient martial arts by chance. At first, he doesn’t realize he has any special skills until he meets a wise old master who helps him unlock his hidden talents. As Arjun trains to become a skilled fighter, he discovers a whole new side of himself and his purpose in life. Along the way, he faces tough challenges and doubts, but with determination and newfound abilities, Arjun embraces his destiny as a warrior sworn to defend justice and uphold what’s right.


As Arjun digs deeper into his training, he learns surprising things about his family history, connecting him to a long line of legendary warriors. His journey isn’t just about becoming physically strong, but also about understanding his place in the world and the legacy he carries. Despite facing personal sacrifices and complicated relationships, Arjun remains true to the values of honor and righteousness instilled in him by his mentor. Each obstacle he overcomes makes him not only a better fighter but also a stronger person, shining as a beacon of hope in a world threatened by darkness.

Throughout the movie, viewers are drawn into Arjun’s quest through intense fight scenes and stunning visuals. This movie isn’t just about action—it’s about courage, determination, and the search for truth and justice. Sidharth Malhotra’s portrayal of Arjun adds depth to the character, making his journey both thrilling and inspiring. The film reminds us of the importance of embracing our destinies, facing our fears, and standing up for what’s right. This movie is a captivating story that leaves audiences cheering for the hero and believing in the power of good triumphing over evil.

Yodha Movie Overview Table

Here you can see the table of Yodha movie, where we provide all the information regarding this movie.

Running time130 minutes
Directed bySagar Ambre, Pushkar Ojha
Produced byHiroo Yash Johar, Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta
Release Date15 March 2024
Production CompanyAmazon MGM Studios
Streaming PlatformNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+
IMDb Rating8.5/10
MusicTanishk Bagchi, Vishal Mishra, B Praak, Aditya Dev, John Stewart Eduri
Edited byShivkumar V. Panicker
Budget55 crore

Cast Overview of Yodha Movie

Sidharth MalhotraArun KatyalRead
Raashii Khanna Priya KatyalRead
Disha PataniLailaRead
Roni RoyMajor (Surender Katyal)Read
Tanuj Virwani Sameer KhanRead
Sunny HindujaRafiqRead
Kritika BhardwajTanya SharmaRead
S. M. Zaheer Anuj NairRead

Where to Watch & Download Yodha (2024) Movie In Full HD Version?

As of now, “Yodha” (2024) starring Sidharth Malhotra may be available for streaming on popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+.
Watch – Yodha Movie Online Watch Link

Download – Yodha Movie Download Link


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