Download Ullu (TV Series) Season 2: Prabha Ki Diary

The adult film “Prabha Ki Diary” is purely a Taboo film which is released on 4 June 2021. The writer was Sanjay Amar who takes every stand about this uncensored film. The Producers were Vibhu Agarwal, Savita Singh Amar, and Mohit Garg, who gave a huge budget to make this series.

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A Short Storyline of Prabha Ki Diary (TV Series) S02

In Prabha Ki Diary (TV Series) season 2 is the Indian most adult series from season 1, Where an unhappy wife feels always unsatisfied because she can’t seem to make her husband love her. She struggles a lot until someone comes into her life. She always has every moment in her diary. 

In the first scene, she wants to keep him away and hide her feelings from someone. But she can’t ignore the strong connection or attraction that she feels for him. Eventually, she gives in to her feelings and expresses all kinds of feelings that she feels when he comes too close like a closed door being opened. Her journey symbolized understanding her desire as a woman, who takes a stand for her life.

Prabha Ki Diary ULLU Series Screenshots

The Overview of the Prabha Ki Diary: The Housewife (TV Series)

GenreAdult (TV Series)
Directed bySanjay Amar
ProducerVibhu Agarwal, Savita Singh Amar, Mohit Garg
Written bySanjay Amar
StarringManini Mishra, Pamela Mondal
Edited byMohit Garg
Running time20 minutes
Streaming PlatformULLU
Release 4 June 2021
IMDb Rating6.6/10

The Cast Overview Prabha Ki Diary (TV Series)

Manini MishraDr. Neel Kamal SharmaRead
Pamela MondalGracyRead
Anusmriti SarkarRomillaRead
Anupama PrakashSabaRead
Mokshita RaghavRainaRead
Pratik DixitSwapan RayRead
Naaz KhanAyeshaRead

Download ULLU (TV Series) Prabha Ki Diary Season 2

As we all know, the Ullu streaming platform is a paid platform, where you can watch adult and sensitive content when you buy a subscription to Ullu. But don’t worry you can’t afford the subscription then we’ll give you a download link. Just click the link below and watch this TV series in full 1080p HD.

Download – Prabha Ki Diary Season 2 (TV Series) in Full HD 

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