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Here you’ll get the information on Peaky Blinder where you can watch this TV Series with all the seasons free. But first, let’s understand the story of this TV Series in short. So, Peaky Blinders was created by Steven Knight, who was a big British screenwriter. This TV Series is shot in Birmingham city and this place is in England country.

Let’s explore the storyline of this TV Series in some short paragraphs.

The Storyline of Peaky Blinders TV Series

The Steven Knight TV Series “Peaky Blinders” is popular. The story happens after World War 1 in Birmingham. The TV Show focuses on the Shelby family, who are into crime scenes in Birmingham City. The ambitious leader Thomas Shelby (Played by Cillian Murphy) takes all the responsibilities of every crime scene. 

The Shelby Family does all sorts of illegal things like gambling, smuggling, and robbers. They all are always fighting with other gangs and dealing with the chaos of politics and society. Thomas Shelby always handles all situations perfectly, and his two family partners always stand for him. The Shelbies always help the Birmingham people that’s why the city also loves a lot to shelbies. 

Thomas Shelby faces power struggles with rival gangs and contends with the political and social challenges of the time. As the series progresses the Shelby family becomes entangled in complex plots involving betrayal, ambition, and shifting alliances with other gangs and maintain their powers and influence.

Screenshots of Peaky Blinders

The Full Details Overview of Peaky Blinders TV Series

GenreHistorical drama, Crime drama
Directed byOtto Bathurst (season 1)Tom Harper (season 1)Colm McCarthy (season 2)Tim Mielants (season 3)David Caffrey (season 4)Anthony Byrne (seasons 5–6)
ProducerSteven Knight
Written bySteven Knight, Toby Finlay, Stephen Russell
Total No. of seasons6
Total No. of episodes36 
Running time55-38 minutes per episode
CountryUnited Kingdom (UK)
Streaming PlatformNetflix
Release 12 September 2013 – 3 April 2022
Shooting LocationsBirmingham, Bradford, Keighley, Leeds, Liverpool, Dudley, Port Sunlight
IMDb Rating8.8/10
Box Office₹124.36 crore

The Cast Overview of Peaky Blinders (Shelby Family) TV Series

Cillian MurphyThomas ShelbyRead
Paul AndersonArthur ShelbyRead
Joe ColeJohn ShelbyRead
Helen McCroryPolly ShelbyRead
Annabelle WallisGrace ShelbyRead
Sophie RundleAda ShelbyRead
Finn ColeMichael GrayRead
Billy MarwoodCharles ShelbyRead

Watch All Seasons of Peaky Blinders Online for Free in 1080p

Here you can watch every season of Peaky Blinders (TV Series) with no subscription to any Streaming Platform. We can provide all the seasons with all the episodes in the table, which is down below. Also who can watch on Netflix this TV Series then you can go down the downlink and watch with a subscription.

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