Kriti Sanon’s black twisted look with a skirt and dark green blazer

In the fashion world, Kriti Sanon never disappoints us. Recently she has worn a tight fitted black skirt with a crop green blazer. Her classy ensemble and fashion choices are cool and initiate her charm and confidence.

kriti sanon black fitted skirt

Kriti Sanon caught everyone’s eye’s attention in a stunning black outfit. Her showcasing ability always elegance her style and shows her bold and beautiful look over the people.

So, what we are waiting for let’s have a look closer look at Kriti Sanon with a black tight fitted skirt and appreciate the style statement made by Rhea Kapoor, who is the designer of this outfit.

Kriti Sanon Wears a black fitted Skirt with cut blazer

kriti sanon bold outfit

The actress of the “Main Tera Boyfriend” song looks stunning in a tight-fitted black skirt outfit at the launch of her upcoming movie, “Crew”. This elegant ensemble, designed by Kristine Fidelskaya featured a crop hard blazer.

She wears an unknown and unique style with overlapping strings that cinched around her waist, creating a flattering silhouette. The outfit was combined with a black tight fitted skirt, the outfit highlighted her enviable figure with short edges.

A minor texture with the side slit and touchy style. Featuring an extension on the side that trailed elegantly like a train. The actress’s crop blazer matched with crisp collars and lapels. Her boldness shone through as she effortlessly rocked this fresh ensemble.

Kriti Sanon accessories, hairstyle, and makeup choices for this outfit

kriti sanon accessories and makeup

Her bold black outfit steals the spotlight. The makeup artist Adrian Jacobs took all the responsibilities for the makeup, accessories, and hairstyle to get a sexy look. The actress chose a very simple look and got all the attention from her fans.

She accentuated her eyes with black eyeshadow, and mascara, framing them with well-shaped eyebrows. Sanon’s glowing natural beauty always is the plus point for her that’s why the artist highlighted her cheeks very lightly with the radiant glow color. She applied pink lipstick and added a pop of color to show her bold look in this photo that you see. 

Her hairstylist, Aasif Ahmed, created a chic and sophisticated look by styling her hair into a high bun. Her hairstyle added a sticky touch of glamour to boost her overall appearance. Both sides are framed with gorgeous hair that flies perfectly and enhances Sanon’s look crazy.

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