Watch Disha Patani’s Stunning White Saree Look with Pearl Blouse and Some Bold Poses

As you all know, Disha Patani is known for her bold and stylish fashion choices, which always make a statement. Her outfits truly enhance everyone and never fail to capture attention. She is an inspiring and modern fashion, who always makes fashion sense. Recently, she shared some pictures on her Instagram Handle with a stunning pearl white saree that she wearing an embroidery white saree that left us breathless.

Let’s have a look closer at the outstanding white embroidery and learn how to emulate Disha Patani’s photos look is an incomparable display of ethnic elegance look.

Disha Patani’s white pearl saree fashion sense

The Malang actress wore a stunning white saree that made her look glorious. The white fabric of the saree hugged her curves and highlighted her fabulous figure and toned waist.

She covered it perfectly with a collected design, adding to the elegance of the ensemble. Additionally, the pearl decorations at the waist side and delicate droplets along the edge of the pallu added a fabulous touch to the look.

Disha Patani blouse detailed with white stripes

The white pearl blouse was detailed with a work of art and its broad straps, minimal detailing, beautiful pearl droplets, and intricate white embroidery that matches the saree perfectly. We adore how stunning the delicate saree looks on her, especially against her complexity.

She choses a modern blouse that had a plunging neckline, adding a bold touch to her stylish saree outfit. Her backless strip designs made hearts flutter with the attraction.

Disha Patani white pearl saree accessories and makeup selections

The actress is full of accessories with matched heels, adding a well-coordinated touch to her outfit. She adorned herself with minimalistic accessories like silver earrings with white pearl color droplets and gold bracelets, which complemented her ensemble beautifully.

She also perfectly paired with darker eyebrows, light mascara lashes, and eyeshadow. A minimal toch up of pink blush and shimmery highlighter added a glow to her cheeks, but the standout feature was her perfect pink lipstick.

If you like Disha Patani’s white pearl saree look then show your love in the comment section.

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